What is the project start date?
Beginning of January 2018

What is the projected completion date?
End of June 2018

Why is this project necessary?
This project is necessary because it will provide much needed repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to the downtown street and utility infrastructure.

What is the scope of the project?
The project will be on Water Street from Taylor Street west to the Ferry Terminal and on Tyler Street from the wooden stairs to the waterfront. The project includes 1) repairing the failing street surface; 2) leveling and widening the sidewalks; 3) replacing an aging water main; 4) improving accessibility by installing curb ramps; 5) undergrounding the overhead powerlines; 6) replacing street trees; and 7) replacing failing sewer laterals.

What is the sequence of the project? (where will it start/finish?)
Rather than starting at one end of the project and finishing at the other end, activity will proceed by type of work all along the length of the project. For example, installation of underground utilities will happen first, then installation of curbs and gutters and sidewalks, and eventually placement of signs. Also, there will be a project-specific construction sequencing calendar on the City webpage.

Which areas are included in the project and when will each area be under construction?
Construction areas will included the street and sidewalk (both sides) along the length of Water Street between Taylor Street and the Ferry Terminal, as well as on Tyler Street. Activity will proceed by type of work all along the length of the project rather than focus on one block at a time.

What if the project is running behind schedule?
If there are delays in the schedule, the project communication team (the City and Port Townsend Main Street) will provide updates to the merchants and building owners.

What are the hours of construction?
Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm. Other hours would need to be approved by the City.

Are there other improvements taking place at the same time?
More information about other City projects may be found at:

Do these streetscape improvements depend on availability of money?

What is the project budget and how is it being funded?
The project budget is $2.7 million. It is funded by TIB (Transportation Improvement Board), the PUD, local utility funds, as well as a City bond.

Will cars be allowed on Water Street during the construction?

Will parking be allowed on Water Street during the construction?
It will vary where parking is allowed. Parking locations will depend on the type of work being completed.

Where will the contractors park?
The contractors will park either in the Port at Point Hudson, or they will park in Memorial Field on Washington Street.

Where are the best places for merchants and employees to park?
Washington Street, public parking lot by the skate park, other downtown cross streets, like Taylor, Madison, Monroe…etc.

Will the utilities on Water Street be “undergrounded” as part of this project?
Yes, power, cable, and telephone will be put underground as part of this project.

Will sections of Water Street be closed during construction?
The intent is for all sections of Water Street to stay open throughout the project. Traffic may be a single lane at times or modified two-way traffic. Flaggers and/or signs will be present to direct traffic.

Will any other downtown streets be closed during construction?
Tyler Street on the south side of Water Street will be closed to traffic when the pedestrian plaza is constructed. Pedestrian access will continue to have access.

Are businesses going to be open during construction?

How will deliveries get through to downtown business during construction?
Deliveries will continue throughout construction. The bid documents will include directions for the contractor to accommodate delivery trucks. Times of delivery may also be controlled.

How do I say informed about the construction project?
The City of Port Townsend has a project blog that will include updates. The public can sign up for the blog via http://www.cityofpt.us/dsd/capitalprojects.html or the Main Street website at http://www.ptmainstreet.org under the “Resources” tab.

You can also visit http://www.ptmainstreet.org to sign up for the Port Townsend Main Street Program’s e-newsletter (sign up at http://www.ptmainstreet.org), or follow Port Townsend Main Street Program on Facebook or Twitter @ptmainstreet.

How is the City of Port Townsend assisting local businesses?
City staff is working with the Port Townsend Main Street Program to hold design meetings, merchant informational talks, and one-on-one meetings with merchants and property owners in preparation for the project.

The City has assigned two staff members to be the primary point people who will be available throughout the project.

The City, the Port Townsend Main Street Program and local partners will be collaborating with businesses throughout construction to make this challenging process run as smoothly as possible. Thank you to all the businesses and property owners for your support and participation.

Will the City allow merchants to put out additional signs during construction?
Yes. Sign guidelines will be forthcoming.

Will merchants offer specials during the construction?
The Port Townsend Main Street Program is implementing a construction-related marketing plan which was developed with input from the merchants, partners and Main Street Program committees. The campaign includes marketing opportunities and resources for businesses, support of retail promotions, and special events to drive foot traffic to the downtown historic district during the six-month project.

1) The Port Townsend Main Street Program is coordinating a communications plan to keep constituents informed about the project. The plan includes weekly updates, e-newsletters and social media posts to make timely and accurate information available and to help address concerns effectively.

2) Open Office Hours: During the project, the City and Main Street offer the opportunity to answer questions and get project updates.

What other resources are available to assist merchants during construction?
The Port Townsend Main Street Program is coordinating the LENT (Light at the End of the Tunnel) low interest micro-loan fund. See http://www.ptmainstreet.org and click under the “Resources” tab to download the pre-application. Applications deadlines are quarterly.

EDC/Team Jefferson is coordinating a free Business Plan Development class focused on planning for the construction project. Stay turned for dates and times.