Project Updates

Scheduled Paving Work – Thursday June 28th & Friday June 29th

The final paving work for the Water Street Enhancement Project will be completed soon.

Where:  Water Street between the Ferry Terminal and Polk Street

Dates:  Thursday June 28th & Friday June 29th

Time:  7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Traffic will be one lane with delays of up to 15 minutes.  All sidewalks will be open.  Please use Washington Street as an alternative route into downtown on these days.

Contact:  For questions, call Laura Parsons at (360) 385-3000 x2191 with the City of Port Townsend Public Works Department

The following two maps show locations of the paving work each day

Thursday June 28th:

Paving Plan 2018-06-28

Friday June 29th:

Paving Plan 2018-06-29



Drainage Repair

Tomorrow morning (Friday 6/15) the City’s contractor will be grinding out a patch on the north side of the intersection of Tyler and Water Street.  There is a drainage issue that is being repaired.  Grinding will begin at 7 am and should last about an hour.  Everything should be cleaned up by 9 am.  Temporarily the intersection will have some bumps and rough pavement until the paving is completed on June 29th.

3 Week Look Ahead Schedule

This is the project schedule for the coming weeks:


Please note that there will be some work completed in July.  Most of it will be out of the street and so will not affect the flow of traffic or parking.  Striping will likely happen the week of July 9th.  One lane of traffic will be open at all times during striping.  Striping will be completed over a two day period and will take 1-2 hours to dry once placed.

If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager, Laura Parsons, P.E. at 360-385-3000 x2191 or

Temporary Striping

To further evaluate the functionality of bike lanes downtown, the City will install temporary bike lane striping on Tuesday morning (6/12/18).   The temporary striping will extend between Polk and Taylor Streets, and is intended to last about a week.  The configuration has been reviewed and approved by the City’s Non-motorized Transportation Advisory Board for evaluation purposes.  The configuration is called an “Advisory Bike Lane” and will look similar to this:

Advisory Bike Lanes

Advisory Bike Lanes provide a prioritized space for bicyclists, as well as accommodate two-way  motorized vehicle traffic.  Advisory bike lanes and the motor vehicle space overlap.  When motorists encounter a passing situation (like a delivery truck straddling the center line), it is expected that they would enter the bike lane as is necessary and safe.

City staff will welcome feedback about the temporary striping.  Please contact Water Street Project Manager, Laura Parsons, P.E. at 360-385-3000 x2191 or with comments or questions.

Paving Water Street between Taylor St. and Polk St.

As part of the Water Street Enhancement Project, Interwest Construction will be paving Water Street between Taylor St. and Polk St. on Thursday, May 10th. Paving will start at 7:00am and continue until 6:00pm. Traffic will be one lane with delays of up to 15 minutes. All sidewalks will be open. Please use Washington Street as an alternative route into downtown on this day.

For questions, please contact the City of Port Townsend’s project manager, Laura Parsons, at (360) 385-3000 x2191.