Project Updates

PUD downtown undergrounding work

The PUD downtown undergrounding work is starting next week. 


Here is the schedule for the coming week:

Monday August 13, 2018

PUD contractor mobilizing to Port Townsend and receiving material from PUD.

Tuesday August 14, 2018

  • During the day pull in primary and secondary wire and terminate.  This is from the area next to the Subway building to the Ichikawa building and the primary vaults in front of the Plaza.
  • Planned outages for the Ferry Terminal and the Plaza from 9pm-2am.

Wednesday August 15, 2018

  • During the day install the transformer next to Ichikawa.
  • Planned outages for the Subway building, Windermere, US Bank, and Ichikawa from 9pm-2am.

Thursday August 16, 2018

Remove overhead secondary wire and de-mobilize.


For future updates, please refer to:

Or call PUD’s Communications Manager, Will O’Donnell, at:

desk (360) 385-8369 | mobile (206) 265-1820


Additional Project Wrap Up

The project is very close to completion, but there are a few construction activities that are still happening:

Striping:  The crew had to order more yellow in order to do the center line, and they also ended up needing to order the bike lane stencil.  As a result, they will come back next week to finish.  Some striping details in parking lots and on Fillmore & Polk will be completed soon as well.

Other items:  Signs will be installed, coverings will be placed for the new street light foundations – temporary (but needing to stay in place until lights get installed in 2019), the seat wall by Quimper Mercantile still needs it’s cap, but an ordering delay results in the completion being 2 weeks out, a few landscaping details remain, and hooking up irrigation to its power source is also pending.

Information re: Undergrounding Power Downtown

By Will O’Donnell, Communications Manager for the PUD:

“Jefferson County PUD is proud to be part of the infrastructure improvements to Water Street in downtown Port Townsend. We’re excited for locals and visitors alike to see the city’s improved streets, sidewalks and new plazas. Our work will be a little less visible. During the past several months of construction we’ve mostly been busy underground, laying conduit and building new vaults for transformers. A lot of it in preparation for the much more visible work we’ll be doing during the fall and winter months: putting the overhead wires underground, connecting businesses to the new service, and taking the power poles down.

The work will be done in several phases. The first phase will begin in at the end of July and will involve pulling wire through conduit and replacing overhead transformers with ground level cabinets between the ferry terminal and the Sanderling Building. The next phase will extend up to just past Polk, with subsequent phases moving towards and then up Tyler Street in the spring of 2019. Though work will be ongoing for many months, interruptions to local businesses, residents, and visitors to downtown will be minimal. PUD or contractor vehicles will occupy limited numbers of parking spaces for short times. Work will generally be confined to earlier morning hours. Outages to disconnect overhead service and connect to the new underground service will be performed on a customer by customer basis. Each outage is anticipated to last between two and six hours. The PUD will give plenty of notice and will, when possible, work with specific businesses, building owners, or residence to determine the most acceptable hours for service interruptions.

While we expect all powerlines and transformers to be taken down by late spring 2019, the final step in our project, removing the power poles, has not yet been scheduled. The PUD is still negotiating a timeline for asset removal with other entities who use our power poles, like Wave and CenturyLink. The PUD is also in negotiations with the City of Port Townsend to finalize a timeline for the installation of new streetlights. Until new streetlights are purchased and installed, the PUD cannot take down its power poles, upon which all existing streetlights in the project area are currently mounted. We hope to have poles removed sometime in 2019. The removal of the poles is not expected to take longer than a month and every effort will be taken to minimize impact on the downtown community.

Jefferson County PUD will continue to update residents and business owners on our plans and work schedule as the project progresses.”

Project Wrap Up

Striping will be placed on the new pavement starting Tuesday, July 10th.  The striping subcontractor is anticipating that they will be on site 2 to 3 days.

Striping is the last major construction task for the project.  The contractor (ICI) will be here this week doing punch list items (fixing sidewalk blemishes etc.), completing the landscaping installation, and cleaning up.  ICI may be here one or two days next week to do the remainder of the cleanup.  Then City staff will be in the office focusing on the paperwork and project closeout tasks.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Project Manager, Laura Parsons, P.E. at 360-385-3000 x2191 or

Paving Update

The paving will be completed on Monday July 2nd.  Due to the moist weather earlier today, the contractor thought it would be best to hold off on paving the final layer (on the south side of Water Street) until next week.  Driveways on the south side of Water Street will also be done on Monday.  The work will start at 7 am and may go until 5 pm.

Paving Reminder

On Thursday June 28th and Friday June 29th 7am – 6pm, paving will occur on Water Street between Polk Street and the Ferry Terminal.

Please use Washington Street as your alternate route into downtown.

Contact Project Manager, Laura Parsons, P.E. if you have questions:

360-385-3000 x2191 or